Pine Collective

Pine Collective is a company that I conceptualized after an educational field trip in Jasper and seeing the impact the Pine Beetle was having on the indiginous forest. My goal was to promote an over looked issue of the devestation of the Pine beetle on our forests in a creative and appealing way. After much research on the subject, I was able to create a logo that incorporated the forest and the destruction the Pine Beetle created as it carved out tunnels underneathe the bark, eventually killing the tree. I founded the company "Pine Collective" and was rewarded a educational grant to introduce my logo on sweatshirts collaborating with locally owned Alberta Apparel, and with the proceeds from the initial sales going toward Pine Beetle and Environmental education in a local YYC classroom. The future goal for the company is to bring the concept live online, utilizing my passions of photography, graphic design and music, collectively in one space.

For this project, I used Affinity Designer to create all the branding and artworks, and used Lightroom to edit my photo's.

The Pine Collective Badge logo
Product photo of a sweatshirt with the badge logo attached as a patch
Artwork for a song release on the label